Custom Lures - Ordering Information

Creating a product number

The following is a breakdown of our product numbering system that will allow you to create the lure you want using the options shown in this section:

Head Code — Shell and/or Tint Number(s) — Skirt Number(s)

Head Code

The head code portion will contain two to three characters which represent the code for the desired head shape. Additionally, two more characters can be added for more custom options. An “X” on the end of the head code is used to designate a lure that will have more than one type or color of shell such as a split shell or dolphin pattern lure. A “T” is used to designate a lure with a top tint. If you wish to have multiple shell colors and a tinted top, an “XT” would go on the end of the head code.

Shell and/or Tint Number(s)

The shell number and/or tint number section of the product number determines the type and color of the shell, tint, or both. For a shell lure with clear resin, you simply put the number which corresponds to the shell you want in this spot. For tinted lures such as the Tinted Nugget and the Dredge Snacks, you simply put the tint code for the head tint you wish to have in this spot. For a split shell lure with two different colors of shell, simply put the first shell number followed by the second shell number (the lure will always be made with the darker shell on top). For a shell lure with a top tint, simply put the shell number followed by “T” and then the tint code. Similarly, for a full translucent tint over a shell insert, put the shell number followed by “F” and then the tint code.

Skirt Number(s)

The skirt numbers section will contain four to six characters which determine the skirt colors and the orientation of the skirts. For most vinyl skirted lures, two skirts will be chosen — an outer and inner skirt. The number for the outer skirt goes first and the inner skirt follows. For hair lures, two, four, or six spaces will be used to designate a single hair color, double hair color, or double hair color with stripes, respectively. For the two color hair skirts, the darkest color will always be placed at the top regardless of the order of the skirt numbers. For a striped lure, the two main hair colors go first, and the last color will be the stripes.

We do realize that this does not cover all the different variations in creating a lure; however, it does cover the majority. If a product number cannot be developed using this format, please feel free to call or contact us with your request. When it is all said and done, this number is nothing more than a means of communication to ensure we make the lure(s) you want.


Tinted Head Hair Lure

  • Head Code: NUT
  • Tint: T1
  • Hair Color 1: 02
  • Hair Color 2: 05
  • Product Number: NUT-T1-0205

Standard Hair Lure with Stripes

  • Head Code: APH
  • Shell Number: 16
  • Hair Color 1: 01
  • Hair Color 2: 02
  • Stripe Color: 07
  • Product Number: APH-16-010207

Standard Vinyl Skirted Lure

  • Head Code: BE
  • Shell Number: 16
  • Outer Skirt: 23
  • Inner Skirt: 15
  • Product Number: BE-16-2315

Custom Vinyl with Top Tint

  • Head Code: PET
  • Shell Number: 30
  • Top Tint: T1
  • Outer Skirt: 02
  • Inner Skirt: 19
  • Product Number: PET-30TT1-0219

Custom Vinyl with Split Shell

  • Head Code: SIX
  • Shell Number 1: 10
  • Shell Number 2: 18
  • Outer Skirt: 03
  • Inner Skirt: 22
  • Product Number: SIX-10/18-0322

Dolphin Pattern Lure

  • Head Code: TAX
  • Shell Code: DOL
  • Outer Skirt: 01
  • Inner Skirt: 15
  • Product Number: TAX-DOL-0115